Professional Trading

For clients that make a profession out of trading, Fintec Group offers various alternatives to pick from.

Our FCM Diversification gives us the ability to offer different solutions to match with your style of trading.

Clients can choose from different technologies currently existing in the market, through electronic platforms to to suit their particular needs.

Order types, execution styles,  multiple futures exchange access, its all customizable, to fit your style.

You can preform live scanning of different futures contracts on multiple exchanges on a periodic basis and have your platform present specific conditions that were met. Those same conditions can be programmed for automated order entry.

If you are a spread trader, there are platforms for you, offering speed and efficiency, allowing you to identify and execute upon those spreads that meet your criteria.

Arbitrage of the same product, through different futures contracts on multiple exchanges can be tracked and executed.

Trading straight from charts, receiving pre-programed signals from technical studies, its all about offering a wide array of technology, not just having to adapt to only one alternative.

Feel free to contact our Fintec Group brokers. They will walk you through the different alternatives available to you, and help you with your particular professional trading style.