Private Client

Fintec Group offers full service for those investors that are new to Futures and Commodities, or for those that require selective knowledge or guidance.

If your need requires you to diversify into Futures, we can provide the necessary tools to help you analyze the right sectors to consider.

Our service includes Portfolio evaluation, Give Up contracts, the recent North -South trades, as well as custom platforms to conform to your needs. We handle custodian accounts, as well as Pension Fund alternatives.

Guidance from Fintec Professionals

There are always clients that wish to enter the realm of commodities, but need the information, and guidance.  Allow one of our specialists to guide you through the different aspects of order entry and management. Our dedicated trade desk can assist you with up to the minute market knowledge, proprietary technical research, quick and efficient order execution.

We offer our clients the ability trade 24 hours a day with an overnight trade desk which provides support and electronic order execution.

Oh, and did we mention that we handle trading in 3 languages including English, Spanish and Portugese?

FCM Diversification

Our FCM Diversification Program will allow you to access most of the world markets, wether it be through one or more clearing partners that we currently offer.

The Fintec Advantage, multiple FCMs, its not only an advantage, its a product.

Contact us today to discuss the different opportunities.