The Fintec Advantage: Diversification of Clearing Firms

At the top of our list under Products and Services is FCM Diversification.

Diversification has always been a prudent principle. For the Fintec Group its not only an advantage, its a product. Through the Fintec Group a client can open up an account at multiple FCMs, all the while dealing with the same broker team, avoiding duplicate work.

Simply put, one phone call, one request, communicate directly with your broker about your account with a specific FCM, or your various accounts with multiple FCMs. Diversification isn’t just prudent, it also brings with it the ability to offer a larger selection of products and services to our clients, some of which aren’t found at just one FCM.


Specific Hedging needs, might require an OTC component. Under this circumstance, clients can elect their OTC counter-party from any of our FCM’s that offer OTC. We can combine 2 or more FCMs within Fintec Group, making a transaction such as an EFS (Exchange for Swaps) easy to deal with since operationally your broker will place and
track both sides of the transaction.
> Hedging

Managed Futures

Managed Futures Accounts can be had from various FCMs, as not all FCM’s offer the same CTAs, and not all CTAs trade at the same FCMs. With our FCM Diversification clients can benefit from a larger universe of Managed Futures Products to pick from.
> Managed Futures

Private Client

Our Private Client product provides you with all of the benefits of Online Trading plus customized service and research provided by a Fintec Account Specialist.
> Private Client 

Online Trading

A similar advantage can be found with Online Trading, again our ability to offer various FCMs logically lets us offer a wider array of electronic platforms, both PC based and iPad or iPhone based.
> Online Trading

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