Trading Platforms

Fintec Group offers many of the leading futures trading platforms available today across a range of clearing firms.

Our range of trading platforms and clearing relationships allow us to provide you with access to trade across a wide range of exchanges and products globally, competitive rates, and leading trading technology. If you have any questions on which platform is right for you, contact a Fintec Group representative or Request a Free Trading Platform Demo below.


A complete set of trading systems geared for the global capital markets community. CMA provides fully electronic, low latency order management and market data platforms for over 100 exchanges worldwide.

Through a CMA enabled trading solution sell-side, buy-side, hedge fund and quant trading firms can greatly reduce risk and operational costs. We help firms by improving productivity, eliminating processing errors and managing compliance all from one platform.

CMA Trade Solution products:

CMA OMS (Order Management System)
Order execution plays a key role in the enterprise architecture of best execution and increased profitability. Utilization of the CMA OMS provides for the lowest latency coupled with automated processing necessary for seamless integration of both internal and external trading systems.
CMA Trade Hub
Introducing the world’s largest complete market data and trading platform for the capital markets in Brazil. The CMA Trade Hub also provides international institutions full access to the key liquidity providers of the Brazilian, Mexican and other Latin American markets.

CMA Series 4
In today’s market place, the professional investors require the leanest and yet fastest real time systems that help identify valuable trading opportunities. An opportunity for an investor can only be successful when it is executed precisely.

CMA AlgoTrader
The CMA AlgoTrader is a sophisticated suite of solutions built for order execution through the use of algorithms multi-asset trading strategies.



Genesis Trade Navigator

Genesis Navigator provides a front end platform that is built on the advanced charting and analysis capabilities of the Genesis Navigator program.
Features of Genesis Navigator include:

  • Advanced charting functionality with extensive technical studies
  • Advanced order entry
  • Chart-based trading
  • DOM style order ticket
  • Tick Data
  • Custom filtering
  • Automated systems trading
  • Long-term data history
  • Real-time quotes and charting
  • Woodies CCI Indicators


CQG offers speed and reliability in a quote, trade entry, and order management platform. CQG Web Trader which provides trade entry and order management in a convenient web-based application. CQG Integrated Client which provides a complete trading solution with charts, quotes, news, and order management.


Whether you trade futures, forex or equities, you can significantly enhance your trading efficiency through Ninja Trader’s powerful array of analytic tools, innovative trade management features and industry proven order execution capabilities. Ninja Trader provides a complete end-to-end platform for strategy creation, testing and automation. Try a free simulated trading experience to learn more about the many powerful Ninja Trader features!


QST offers an advanced trading platform for both individual investors and brokers. QST gives you the ability to trade from almost all windows including charts. It incorporates an intuitive left click = buy / right click = sell, single click trading functionality, and advanced account management features with multi-account access. There are six versions of the platform available: QST Lite Basic, QST Lite Advanced, Silver Plus Pit, Broker Plus Pit, Gold Plus and Platinum.


Interested in another platform not listed above please contact a Fintec Group representative as we offer many other platforms.