Open Account

Thank you for your interest in opening a trading account with the Fintec Group. There are three easy steps to opening your account and get you trading! If at anytime you have any questions, contact Fintec Group and we’ll get them resolved!

Step 1. Complete Your Account Application

Select from the various clearing options Fintec Group provides. Completing your account application online is the fastest way to have your account reviewed.
Note: You will be taken to the clearing firm’s website to complete your application

Wedbush Futures > Complete Online Account Application

Open eCry > Complete Online Account Application

Step 2. Fund Your Account

Funding instructions will be emailed to you once your account is complete.

Step 3. Select Your Platform / Select Your Managers

If applicable, select the trading platform or CTAs you wish to trade with. Your broker will be in touch with you to ensure you’re set-up properly.

That’s it! Welcome to Fintec Group!

We appreciate your selecting Fintec Group to provide you with Futures Brokerage Services and look forward to working closely with you!