About Us

Fintec Group, Inc. is a full-service Chicago based Independent Introducing Broker, catering to the spectrum of futures and commodities clients throughout Latin America and the United States.

For the past two decades the partners and brokers of the Fintec Group have been working together to provide superior technology, research, customer service, customized solutions and innovative products to their clients.

Fintec Group, Inc. specializes in hedging solutions for producers, importers and exporters. This focus has given our brokers unparalleled market knowledge; this combined with state of the art execution through the most advanced technology puts Fintec on the leading edge of introducing brokers worldwide. In addition, to working with the agricultural community Fintec has translated their expertise into products and services for high net-worth clients and individual investors including managed futures, and trading solutions for private clients. Client and customer service is our number one priority.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Fintec Group to see how we can best service your investing needs.