Summary of Day 2 Eastern Belt Pro Farmer from Our Scout

Today we visited a total of 16 fields (9 in Indiana, 7 in Illinois), focusing solely on district 4 & 5 in both states. Today we once again witnessed an extreme amount of variability especially in the Indiana area. The corn collected today varied from being nice healthy green crop either denting or at the end of its milking stage to having trouble pollinating due to mold, bug pressure, corn aphids, leaf striping, and Fusarium as well as some ears having zippers (pollination deficiency). Out of the 16 fields visited we saw a clear sign of morning glory as well in 5 of our fields. A clear sign of weather affecting crops was visible as most of the fields had discolored leaves and the ears on the crop were hanging. Only 3 of the 16 fields yielded us over 200 (all in Illinois). In Indiana we saw weak yields as low as 19.6 due to late planting or nitrogen deficiency. Although some fields had rootworms, none were large enough to truly damage the crop. The main issue in most cornfields is that even though the ear count was healthy there was very poor grain length. Our average yield for the 9 fields visited in Indiana was 136.1 and for Illinois it was 174.9 for 7 fields. Our total average yield for the 16 fields visited today was 153.1. For Indiana this is the info released today:

Yield: 142.92 down from 155.21 from 2014 (-22.7 %)

For Soybeans we saw continued variation. In some fields we witnessed good potential (mainly Illinois) as others we saw a field with SDS and others filled with grasshoppers and Japanese beetles. Overall we had a strong pod count through Illinois especially in District 4 (McLean). Another main issue we saw was that farmers didn’t plant enough plants in a 3 ft row compared to row spacing causing a lower pod counts. After checking that the nodes were pink and very healthy we came to the conclusion that lack of production was due to some plants shutting down early due to weather. For Indiana we saw an average pod count of 1032.2. As for Illinois the average pod count for the fields we visited was 1252.8. The overall average for the 16 fields visited was 1146.2. For Indiana this is the official info released today:

Pod Count: 1093.08 down from 1146.30 from 2014 (-10.9%)

Gabe Rodriguez