Our Scout-ProFarmer Minnesota results, Totals 4th Day.


Mower county- corn was relatively healthy. Soil in good condition. Strong ear count. Grain length decent. Milking stage. Total yield of 171. Beans were healthy. No insect pressure. Pods, no blooms. Total pod count of 2581.

Dodge county- corn was decent. Lower ear count. Ears grain length average. Dis colored leaves at the bottom. Milking stage. Total yield of 200. Beans had no insect pressure. No bloom, only pods. Soil was moist at the surface. Total pod count of 1318.

Average Pod count for Minnesota was 1950.

Average pod count for both states was 1418.

Average yield for Minnesota was 185.5.

Average yield for both states was 175.

Gabe Rodriguez

Fintec Group.