Our Scout-ProFarmer Day 4 midday report

8/20/15 Crop Tour Report:  Iowa: 

Iowa county- relatively healthy looking corn crop. Soil healthy with minimal cracks. Little striping of the leaves. Yield of 150. Milking, some slightly denting. Healthy beans. No insect pressure. Healthy pod count of 1440. Top 6 inches wet. Pods, no bloom. 

Benton county- corn healthy crop. Slight discoloration but nothing severe. Healthy ear count and grain length. Yield of 199.5. In the milking stage. Very weak beans. Pod count of 444. Moist at the top. No bloom, only pods. No insect pressure. 

Tama county- corn crop here was weak. Dis colored leaves. Lots of insect pressure. Weak grain length but decent ear count. Milking. Total yield of 150. Beans were healthy, top 6 inches of the surface was wet. No bloom, only pods. Saw some 4 bean pods. Pod count total of 1217.  Second sample in this county for corn was strong. Healthy crop. Green and tall. Slight hail damage but nothing major. Total yield of 182.5. Beans relatively healthy. Moist at surface. No insect pressure. Nice pods, no blooms. Total pod count of 1219.  Grundy county-corn contained morning glory. No insect pressure. Land was very dry and then flooded towards the center. Low grain length. Total yield of 170. Beans were extremely healthy. Pod, no bloom. No insect pressure. Good soil moisture. High pod count of 3009. 

Butler county- corn was healthy. Double ears on stock both on the outside and inside. Soil moisture was good. No cracks. Totally green. Total yield of 215. Beans were weak. Moisture at the surface. Insect pressure. Low pod count of 624.