Our Crop Scout-Pro Farmer- Day 3 Description


Wood ford county- beans extremely healthy, high pod count, only pods no bloom, healthy crop, saturated soil moisture. Corn wet soil, lowered leaves dis colored, striping, denting, overall healthy crop. 200+ yield

Marshall county- beans very healthy, pod count high. Only pods no bloom. 4 pods. Corn discolored leaves at the bottom but over all heathy. Minimal striping, soil moisture saturation, denting, overall healthy crop. 200+ yield

Putnam county- bean count healthy. Full pods, no bloom. Nodes pink and super healthy. Corn pretty healthy soil, cracked but yesterday’s rain helped. Lower ear count but still great. Grain length above 7. 200+ yield. Slight mold and striping but nothing to damage crop. Crop should be ready mid September. Denting.

Bureau county- first stop in this county was exceptional both in beans and corn. Beans grown very nicely. Podding no bloom, nodes look healthy. Corn soil is cracked but nicely moist, slight discoloration at the bottom leaves but not much. Denting towards the end of milking stage. 200+ yield. Grain length very nice. Ear count decently strong. Milk line dropping, practically mature.

Second stop in this county showed positive beans again. Decent pod count. Nodes looked relatively healthy. Moist at the surface. Corn healthy grain length, weak ear count. Had a leaf blight issue. Denting, still milking on the verge of dough. Good 30 days away from black layer. Soil slightly cracked but moist from recent rains. Ear count low due to skipped stocks. Weak yield of 148.9. Lowest seen today.

Henry county- lots of white mold and sudden death in beans. At most would cut yield by 10%. Distress on leaves due to grasshoppers. Pods no bloom. Decent pod count. Nitrogen nodules not so healthy. Corn discolored at the bottom. Contained morning glory. Improper planting. Rows were out of order. Lots of skipping. Low ear count. Decent grain length. Soil a bit moist with some cracks. Crisscrossed rows (point rows). Low yield 138.6.

Rock island county- beans healthy. Slight grasshopper damage. So rank that they aren’t podded up as well. Nice moisture. Not so many pods. No bloom. Corn discolored leaves. Soil gathered rain from yesterday which helped but still cracked. Ear count decent but grain length not so good. Pointed rows. Milking stage. Slight denting.

Average pod count on 7 stops in Illinois is 1453 compared to 1242 in districts 1 & 4 where we were today.

Average yield for our 7 stops in Illinois is 183.0 compared to 199 in the same districts last year.

We will be heading into Iowa now after lunch!


Scott county- beans podding nicely, no bloom. Nitrogen nodules healthy. Lots of pods. Soil moisture healthy. No insect pressure at all. Pretty good pod count 1598. Corn had a little nitrogen deficiency at the bottom. Nothing severe. Good ear count. Grain length not so great but yield 184.3.

Clinton county- beans had plenty of pods. No bloom. Nitrogen nodules healthy. Soil moisture healthy. Quite a bit of Japanese Beatles. Row spacing only 15. Good pond count of 1440. Corn looked decent. Ear count good. Grain length a bit weak. Slight discoloration of lower plants. Weak yield of 136.7.

Second stop in this county beans look very weak. No insect pressure. Irregular count of pods. No blooming. Point rows. Lightly podded. Total weak pod count of 686. Corn is late planted. Short grain length. Good black dirt. High ear population. Total yield of 181.1.

Scott county- lots of insect pressure both Japanese Beatles and grasshoppers in the beans fields. Podding, no bloom. Soil was average. Dry at the surface, wet underneath. Lots of 2 beaners meaning low pod count and yield. Too much row spacing. Total pod count of 317, worst field encountered today. Corn field discolored leaves at the bottom. A bit of nitrogen deficiency. Ear count outstanding. Grain length healthy as well as kernel row length. Total yield of 198.3.

Iowa average pod count 1010 in district 6 compared to 1173 in 2014 (3 yr avg of 1133)

Iowa average corn yield 175 in district 6 compared to 179 in 2014 (3 yr avg of 163)

Total pod count for the day is 1292 in between Illinois and Iowa.

Total yield for the day is 180.1 in between Illinois and Iowa.

Gabe Rodriguez

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