Midday Scouting Report Pro Farmer Eastern Belt

8/19/15 notes:


Wood ford county- beans extremely healthy, high pod count, only pods no bloom, healthy crop, saturated soil moisture. Corn wet soil, lowered leaves dis colored, striping, denting, overall healthy crop. 200+ yield

Marshall county- beans very healthy, pod count high. Only pods no bloom. 4 pods. Corn discolored leaves at the bottom but over all heathy. Minimal striping, soil moisture saturation, denting, overall healthy crop. 200+ yield

Putnam county- bean count healthy. Full pods, no bloom. Nodes pink and super healthy. Corn pretty healthy soil, cracked but yesterday’s rain helped. Lower ear count but still great. Grain length above 7. 200+ yield. Slight mold and striping but nothing to damage crop. Crop should be ready mid September. Denting.

Bureau county- first stop in this county was exceptional both in beans and corn. Beans grown very nicely. Podding no bloom, nodes look healthy. Corn soil is cracked but nicely moist, slight discoloration at the bottom leaves but not much. Denting towards the end of milking stage. 200+ yield. Grain length very nice. Ear count decently strong. Milk line dropping, practically mature.

Second stop in this county showed positive beans again. Decent pod count. Nodes looked relatively healthy. Moist at the surface. Corn healthy grain length, weak ear count. Had a leaf blight issue. Denting, still milking on the verge of dough. Good 30 days away from black layer. Soil slightly cracked but moist from recent rains. Ear count low due to skipped stocks. Weak yield of 148.9. Lowest seen today.

Gabe Rodriguez
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