Yield Reports

YIELD beans Cooper County MO (Boonville area)

500 acres

avg. 56 bpa

Of this 500 acres 100 acres had really bad sudden death that yielded only 43bpa

Several more fields to go but w/o sudden death issues farm avg. would be over 60bpa.

Last 3 years whole farm avg. have ranged from 48-52 with 52 being the previous record.


Will have a good handle on double crop soybean yields in this area by middle of next week.


Elevators saying majority yields in central MO mostly in the 50-60s bpa range in fields w/o sudden death.   Fields with Sudden death 35-50 bpa.


Corn would normal be finished in this area however elevators are all plugged it’s sell across the scale at most locations so many producers are letting the last 10-25% sit in the field until the elevators clear some space or get another ground pile setup.




YIELD corn Winnebago County (WI border)

Corn 81 acres

311 bpa dry





YIELD corn/beans – e. central Illinois

Finally got everything hauled in and weighed –

50 Acres of beans went 65 (APH 60)

50 Acres  corn went 233 dry (APH 201).

We had some white mold problem areas in the beans.  Thought the beans would run closer to 70.




YIELD c/b Central Iowa (Hamilton Co)

South Hamilton county

corn did 177 bpa vs 65 ly and 140 normal

beans did 51 bpa vs 36 ly and low 40’s normal

Everyone around here had record yields unless hail got them—there was a big strip that got hit




YIELD corn Wabash Co, IN

Wabash county Indiana

130.3 bpa vs. 164 last year.

3rd year corn on corn




YIELD corn central Iowa (Hardin Co)

Central district

Hardin county

822 Acres

225 BPA ave

Best went 255 bpa

Very well tiled and a lot of cattle manure

Top quality land




YIELD corn various IA counties

Sioux Co. 195 bpa average
Clinton Co. 210 bpa 40ac
Greene Co. 180 bpa 80ac
Dallas Co. 225 bpa 100ac
Dallas Co. 220 bpa 80ac





Data Source: Locust Hill Trading Co.