Yield Reports

YIELD corn w.c. Michigan

Martin, MI

Good dirt irrigated running 230-240 bpa




YIELD beans  Keyesport, IL (southern)

60 bu/ace avg  Keyesport IL

I don’t know what my aph is-but usually we go 40-45




YIELD corn central MN Fairfax

140 BPA (175-180 Average)



YIELD beans Spink County, SD

Soybeans :46 bpa

. 39 APH




YIELD corn/beans Pittsboro IN

135 acres yielded 212.3 dry hauled to town (had excessive water damage in June )

21 acres yielded 248.6 dry hauled to town.

Corn APH is 178


Beans still running in mid to upper 70s

Bean APH is 67




YIELD corn/beans Kendall Co IL

Illinois, we have only harvested in Kendall county so far but our beans have ranged from 60-77 aph of 55.


The corn we have done so far has been good 208-240 but not nearly as good as last year.

Our average yields here are around 185.




YIELD corn/beans North central Iowa

Average bean crop of 54bpa.


Half done with corn so far 185 average. 10 year average of 191.




YIELD corn — South west Minnesota

300 acres averaged 155 bpa, lowest yield in over 10 years.

Too wet early, too dry later before too wet again, hail and frost.




YIELD beans northern IL (Belvidere)






YIELD corn Somerville TN

Somerville, TN (35 miles outside Memphis)

861 acres of corn

(Approx. 350 of it irrigated)

Full farm average of 207 bushels per acre

Typical would be 155 bpa if you include irrigated.




YIELD c/b Lee & DeKalb Cos, northern IL

Beans- Lee County

193.6 acres   68.68 bpa

117.1 acres   68.50 bpa

115.3 acres   73.20 bpa

Average in 2013 was 71 bpa. APH is 63 bpa


Beans- DeKalb county

117.9 acres  76.12 bpa


Corn- Lee County

78.9 acres  235.70 bpa

159.6 acres  220.34 bpa

Average in 2013 was 231 bpa. APH is 217.




YIELD c/b Freeborn & Faribault Cos MN (southern)

eastern Freeborn county, mn

1000 acres corn so far, 194 b.p.a

Beans 57 bpa on 1100 acres


Faribault county Mn

600 acres



beans averaged 51 bpa





YIELD corn LaSalle Co IL (northern)

Yield 199.4 bpa dry

Harvested at 19 moisture

2nd year corn

Last year 238 bpa dry

Not sure why the difference this year but thinking too much June rain, drier weather in July, and last year corn followed beans and specialty crops so the soil was well “rested”




YIELD beans eastern NE (near Omaha)

30 miles west of Omaha NE

dry land beans yielded 58 bu/A which is a new record.

Previous record was 53 and average is 47.




YIELD corn Iowa

(general comment from large regional player with many statewide locations)


Western Iowa is good – 210 -220.
Southern Iowa great – 220+
Northern Iowa is not good. Worse than years past. 170 or 180 tops.



Data Source: Locust Hill Trading Co.