Yield Reports

YIELD c/b NC Nebraska

NC Nebraska farm

average on 1200 acres of soybeans

32 bpa

down 23 bpa from average

Mostly hail damage


Just starting corn

first field 140 versus 210 avg

hail damage again.


2nd field running 190 versus 225 avg- great given hail issues.


Broad area of hail damage across this area of state




YIELD beans Clyde KS

1070 acres – range 26 bpa – 55 bpa

average 37 bpa

50% of the harvested acres had hall damage ..




YIELD beans western Clay County Kansas (northeast)

Farm average yield of 42bpa

all dryland

Good ground was 60+ bpa

Irrigated as high or near 100bpa

Our county has a lot of double crop soybeans which is not ready yet.




YIELD c/b Northwest MO

over 600 acres soybean cut .. average yield 53 bu/acre  APH  is 45

(they looked better than actual yield turned out)

one field hit hard by SDS yield only 38 bu/acre

as a general observation in our NW MO area,  SDS hit a lot of beans, especially in areas outside river bottoms that have never had this disease

flooding in some fields along some rivers caused significant loss in yield as well as “green beans” that are unsalable.


corn ,we have combined  around 400 acres.. average yield 190  aph 145.. so  the best ever raised in our “unprimed” upland geography with some fields of better soils hitting 200-220, bu./acre.  Extensive severe  wind and rain storm damage in several NW Mo counties put corn on the ground and it’s been a severe challenge to salvage…this didn’t get much media converge.


All in all,  a terrific yield year as compared to 2012 when our average corn yield was 52 and our average soybean yield was 26 !!




YIELD c/b SC Nebraska (numerous yields)

Nuckolls, Clay, Webster, Fillmore counties in South Central Nebraska


Dry land Corn:

182         150 acres




199         70 acres

190         71 acres eco-fallow

225         5 acres

181         70 acres

155         250 acres

210         140 acres eco-fallow

158         600 acres


Irrigated Corn:




258         300 acres

263         450 acres

240         183 acres

210         100 acres – hailed and expected less

235         160 acres


Dry land Beans


60           150 acres

45           160 acres – some hail damage

59.5        200 acres

60.5        1050 acres

55           600 acres – range 45-64 some hail on lowers yields, average was 55


Irrigated Beans

79           130 acres






80           40 acres

63           65 acres

82           100 acres

72           130 acres

77           160 acres




YIELD beans/corn Williams County, Ohio (NW Ohio)

Corn: 50% harvested  150bu/a

Soybeans 60% harvested  42bu/a




YIELD c/b Southwest, Central and w Central MN

South West Minnesota,


155 BPA 2nd field (Normal 175) late start, too dry July



150 BPA (170 Average)


Marshall to Redwood Falls

Per seed dealer, range 150-160 BPA (normal 175-185) part of dry strip in Southwest Minnesota



2 fields corn out on good hog ground.  Record yields, 215, 210 BPA (normal 185)


Amiret, only 10 miles NW from Tracy

Corn yields run 155-160 BPA, Dry July,  first half August



Central Minnesota, Sauk Centre

Variable yields but running 175 BPA, better than average, good ground.



West Central Minnesota, Elbow Lake

Seed dealer, farmer on his land.  Beans averaged 38 BPA (43 APH)

75% harvested corn, 150 BPA average (160 APH) (lite test weight 53-54)




YIELD corn Hardin Co Iowa (central)


1st field 180 BPA


2nd  field 160 BPA


Ave about at APH





YIELD beans s.e. MN

900 ac soybeans

63 bpa

APH 55 bpa,




YIELD beans NE Iowa

255 ac 52 bpa

APH – 58.5




YIELD beans/corn Ravenna MI

20% done with beans

average of 55 bu / ac

corn is still on the wet side

our first planted on may 19th 90 day corn was 22.8% and 180 bu / ac

the rest will need to try down some.




YIELD corn w.c. MO

Finished 1450 acres of corn tonight.  APH is 165 with this years average of 215.




YIELD corn/beans SE South Dakota/NE Nebraska

Producers in SE SD and Northeast Nebraska are finished with beans and hitting corn hard.

Bean yields for the most part have met or exceeded expectations by 5-10 bushels which would be 10-15 bushel better than aph… very pleased.


Corn harvest is pushing 30% + in our local area with yields coming in 15-20 bushel better than expected and 25-50 bushel better than aphs with many calling this a record harvest.


One producer has 400 out of 900 acres of corn picked with an ave of 214 bpa, some 43 bushels better than aph.  Its gonna get interesting on the last 30% to harvest with elevators getting filled and no where to go but on the ground.




Data Source: Locust Hill Trading Co.