Yield Reports

YIELD corn Sargent County ND

First 170 acres off.

Yield was 185.

Farmer is super happy.




YIELD beans Iowa SE, C


Van Buren Co

Bean yields in 60 to 65 range. 60% done in the area.



Finished bean field

59 bpa across scales

4 above aph



Poweshiek Co

42 bpa beans with SDS

65 bpa beans on field that has been corn on corn for years.




YIELD corn Hamlin Co South Dakota (e central)

400 acres done

200 bpa

Good ground but still 20 bpa above average




YIELD beans Douglas County Illinois

320 acres at 57 bushel per acre




YIELD corn North Central Nebraska

Dryland at 18,000 population went 180 bpa.

Irrigated next to dryland at 32000 population went 215


Producer scratching his head on how the dry land was this good.




YIELD beans e. central IL

Farm avg of 58.1 bpa

finished with beans




YIELD beans IOWA central and n.e.


Indianola, IA (C)

56 & 58 BPA beans.  Better than anticipated.


New Hampton, IA (NE)

42 & 50 BPA.   50 would be average, 60 in good growing years.  Farmer disappointed but just getting started.




YIELD corn Iowa (Butler Co-central)

Butler co


190 BPA

173 APH




YIELD beans Western WI-Buffalo County

50 acres 46 bu/acre

sounds like area average 45-50




YIELD beans Southeastern IN Soybean


planted 5-7-14

non gmo

72 Acres

71.0 Bushels/acre

aph 60




YIELD c/b Blawkhawk County, IA (e.c.)

50% done with corn harvest

Corn avg. 180-190, producer thought it would be better.  Yield so far is averaging less than last year.

Too wet early and then only ½ inch rain in 7 weeks

Beans were running 62 bpa-all done




YIELD beans Mt. Auburn, IA (EC)

62 bpa average over 200 acres.  52 aph.  Very happy.




YIELD beans Wright County, IA,  North Central

280 acres of beans went 44bpa.  50 aph.




YIELD corn Carrol County, IA (w central)

179.6 corn yield (across scale)

Farmer was pleased




YIELD corn Greene Co Iowa (central)

217 bpa

70 acres




YIELD beans Clinton Co IA (east)

Clinton County, IA 60bpa, 72 acres
Clinton County, IA 55bpa, 70 acres



Data Source: Locust Hill Trading Co.