Yield Reports

YIELD corn Iowa (Plymouth Co – northwest)

Two fields (around 80 acres each)

One filed yield around 200 dry

Second field was 20% and was making 240

Actually surprised how corn has dried down, these were reading 28% moisture last week.



When they were chopping corn in the area, the silage guys were saying around 180-200.



Just now starting corn




YIELD beans Clarke County, IA (South central)

No corn started trying to still get beans out


30 acre field went 39 bu/acre…too wet; disappointed but was expected

40 acre

beans no till beans into sod on slope ground.  Did 50 bu/acre…totally shocked

Will be working on beans again on Wednesday




YIELD corn/beans Sangamon Co IL (central)

Last 200 acres of beans went 70 bu/ac

latest corn was 260 dry, mst 18%.




YIELD corn/beans Ogle Co IL (northern)

1600 acres

200 bpa on corn

78-80 bpa on beans.




YIELD corn LaSalle Co IL (northern)

100 acres

216 bpa




YIELD corn/beans MO & MN –various

50 acres

Cooper County MO

corn 210 bpa

Better low lying flat ground – this is a record by 35bpa.


Hill ground is out doing flat bottom ground in this area cool wet weather the main reason

Hill ground corn

range180-250bpa mostly 210-240

Bottom ground range 180-230bpa mostly 190-210


Cooper ounty MO soybean yields

40 acres

48 bpa

Soybeans had water over top off them low lying creek bottom


50 acres

65 bpa

Hill ground.


Soybeans should be tremendous

Expect whole farm avgs to be in the upper 50s to low 60s

The only problem has been to much rain in recent weeks caused shattering problems in bottom ground.



Mankato MN

100 acres of corn

112 bpa


80 acres of corn

140 bpa

Farmers APH 165




YIELD beans Hardin Co Iowa (central)


60.88 BPA

APH 56




YIELD corn Reinbeck, IA (central)

175 bu average.

Glad of it.

Lots of flooded out spots in this field.

Monitor went as high as 284 bu.




YIELD corn Waterloo IA

Near waterloo IA

160 acres

229 bpa

Right in line with avg.




YIELD corn central IA (Ogden & Dawson)

Odgen, IA

107 day corn, 210bpa

Dawson, IA

102 day corn, 180bpa, corn is falling down




YIELD corn Ida Co IOWA (nw)

First big day of corn in that area

Not really talking specific yields but a lot of 185-210 being mentioned by multiple producers

Moisture is more of the talk, running 16% to 25%




YIELD corn Turner Co SD (s.e.)





YIELD corn SW Minnesota (Marshall area)

Quite variable

140 BPA West and North (175 Normal)


155-160 south of town (175 normal)


175-180 south toward Balaton




YIELD corn w.c. MN and n.w. MN

West Central Minnesota, Montevideo

Custom Combiner, good corn yields, 185 Average (155-195 Range) (175 Normal)


North West Minnesota, Ulen

1st fields run 130-140 (125 APH) planted on time, higher ground




YIELD beans IA (Webster Co – (central)


60 acres

was corn last 8 years




YIELD beans LaSalle Co IL (northern)

840 acres

68 bpa avg.




YIELD beans s.e. KS

100 ac ,, averaged 45 bpa.. average for this field is 35 bpa.




YIELD Soybeans & Corn South Central Nebraska Kearney County

Yield beans

147 acres dryland

42 bpa

hit with hail in July, followed corn that yielded 62 bpa last year with drought.


Yield corn

120 acres dryland

140 bpa

followed wheat that yielded 55 bpa last year.




YIELD corn Hardin Co IOWA (central)

Hardin co

Pattern tiled farm

Top quality land

Cattle manure

April planted

135 A

255 BPA

Enterprise APH 210

This will be the best farm




YIELD corn central Iowa

Half done with large acreage

Current Ave 197 bpa

APH 210 bpa




YIELD beans Hoyleton IL-near Nashville (southern)

From 67 to 72 bpa



Data Source: Locust Hill Trading Co.